I was raised in a Catholic family and I was instilled with principles governed by a Christian home. I followed and participated in this lifestyle as an obligation in accordance with the Christian/Catholic doctrine which I was exposed to. However, this did not create an intimate relationship with God but simply alerted me to his existence. I did not know him, I simply knew of him.

Upon completion of my studies in Aruba, I left for The Netherlands to further my education. While in The Netherlands I found myself searching for a church in order to learn and live for God.  After years of searching, I couldn’t find a church which I can call home.Following this, I stopped searching and started to pray about it. After months of praying, God led me to Claypot Church International where I finally opened my heart and gave my life to God.

After giving my life over to God, I found myself being oppressed by the enemy. I found myself in a situation that made my decision to live as a believer even more difficult to withhold. After some of these evil encounters, it will leave me feeling as if I was gradually dying from within, and it became harder to attend church on Sundays.

The Holy Ghost weekend is an all weekend camp  meeting which  is organized once in every 3 months by Claypot Church International. During this weekend, the church will be led by the Pastor and leaders, to a holiday resort where  we are led in a time of prayer, intensive bible study, and worship. It was at one these encounters that God met me at the point of my need and totally broke the chains and set me free from the power of evil curses and ungodly soul ties. 

I thank God for this encounter in the Holy Ghost weekend,  where God finally freed me God free from social anxiety, addiction, emotional stress, painful memories, depression, aching heart, perfectionism, colon issue and pain (knee, neck, and feet).

It was in the same encounter I heard God spoke to me clearly, in regard to my purpose in life. He has given me fulfillment, purpose, and joy. He gave me the gift of discernment and revealed to me what I had to do. Now, I always hunger for the word of the Lord and know that there is nothing greater than Him.

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