Pastor Alexander Emoghene travelled to Curacao to raise leaders and God demonstrated His power manifesting great wonders in the lives of many. This is the testimony of Nelly Snoijl-Fenny; I was completely paralyzed and could not move without the assistance from others. I experienced a constant stream that flowed through my entire body, especially in my feet, hands and experienced a lot of pain in my back. Pastor Alexander came in the morning and prayed with me, laid hands upon me and anointed me. As he was praying, the presence of God came so strong upon me and I felt my entire body on fire. The pain I was experiencing left and the fire upon me was intense, leaving me inundated by it. I wanted to be present in the service, but could not stay longer because of the pain. I left crying and prayed to God. I repeated this phrase: by the power of God, I am healed. And then finally, the next day I got up and walked. The pain was gone, the burning sensation, and the flowing stream. I know God is with me and I will continuously proclaim that I am completely healed.

Hallelujah, our God is great! More testimonies follow. Ruben Snoijl gave his testimony: I had back pain and went in front to receive prayer for healing. As Pastor Alexander was praying for me he instructed me to check if the pain was still there. I checked for the pain and it was gone. The Lord Jesus healed me. After that, Pastor Alexander asked everyone to write down names of people we know at home who were sick or suffering from diseases. My mother had a stroke and had been sick for almost 35 years. She was not eating well and was not happy for a few months. I wrote her name down and the pastor prayed for her and then he said ‘it is done’. The following day my mother was able to eat and speak, overwhelmed with joy. All the glory belongs to the Most High God.

Let’s continue with the glory of God. Solange Pardo tells her testimonies: I had an immense pain in my leg, which caused an inability to lift or bend it. This pain persisted and on an occasion, as I drove my car it felt as if my foot became paralyzed. During the church service, the pastor called for someone that has a pain. When he demonstrated where the pain was, I was certain that the call as in reference to my situation. I went forward to receive prayer and after the prayer, I experienced a release from my painful distress.

Now, I have the ability to do things that were impossible, prior to my healing. I can bend, lift my legs, jump, stand and sit free from pain. God is awesome.

The celebration continued. Saturday during the service, the pastor told me that my son was wearing blue trousers and a blue shirt. As God drops a message into his spirit, the pastor spoke and said to me; God said that your son is in a good place, because God takes care of him. My son lives in the Netherlands and I could not contact him directly to ask him if it is true what the pastor said. I was planning to call him the next day early in the morning to ask him what he was wearing the day before. I did not get the chance to call because my son himself sent me a picture where he was at church, wearing the exact description of clothing the pastor mentioned. That was the confirmation that God has sent to me.

Jesus Christ did many wonders in Curaҫao. We have recorded a few testimonies. More will follow. We are extremely grateful, and give God all praise.

Composed by Samantha Vis  for CCI Reports

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