river abundance


“This is the year of abundant supply” where the effects of the blessing will be felt all around the world, in a greater measure than before.

One reason for this abundance God says in many circles the demand for this supply has reached the heavens and that His grace is pouring out of the fullness of Christ. God is pouring out in a gentle,  yet, so strong a flow, as a river would, over families, cities, nations and even regions of the earth, His blessing of increase and abundance is flowing.

Another sign of this abundance will be the release of younger ministers into the ministry. Like in the day of Jeremiah, God said, he has called many and this time, many will respond to this call and they will carry tremendous grace to preach the word with accuracy and power to release this abundance.

Another sign of this abundance will be the delivery of properties, lands and unique chain of businesses to Gods people and all this is from the fulness of Christ who is the owner of the earth. This move will provoke a new wave of evangelism and massive soul winning with great miracles, signs and wonders. I see revival breaking forth this year in Europe and in South America. I hear Venezuela will access a powerful grace to release the glory of God in that nation.

I see a greater move in media and in the music industry, a new caliber of worshippers are being released. The prayers of the fathers are now being answered. These worship will play its role in the fulfilment of the word of Malachi 4:6). The Lord says, there was a blocked and a barrier in the spirit for worship song for a time and that is why there were struggles in areas of composition and financial capabilities and support but this year even new and powerful sounds and studios will open up around the world with strong financial backing from heaven to reach the world with my sounds say the Lord.

Alexander Emoghene