FB_IMG_1451777810520 (1)Healed from a migraine

One evening I was on a long distance call with my mother who reside in Aruba. During the call, she disclosed that she had been suffering a lingering migraine issue for the past 3 days and that it had also made her nauseous.
She had a lot of household chores to do, but couldn’t do them because of the pain. After this, I put my cell phone aside and when before the Lord and started to pray for her. When I finished my prayer, Faith came alive in me and I began to declare that she is healed in the name of Jesus”. I trusted that I don’t have to lay my hand upon her, but all I needed is to speak the word only (Matthew 8:8) and she will be healed.

After which I texted her and said that same word and declared “In Jesus name you are completely healed from that migraine”. And she said AMEN. A few hours later my mother sends me a text message giving thanks to God. She stated that a migraine was gone completely. She added, “I even received more energy”. She could now go on to wash clothes, cleaned the whole house and also made dinner all in that same day. Hallelujah. We give thanks to Jesus! All things are possible for our God.

Samantha Vis (26) Rotterdam
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