Alexander Emoghene is the leading pastor of one the growing  churches in the Netherlands, but known to many people who have experienced its services as an empowerment center. Healings, debt  cancellations and answers to all kinds of prayers are the experiences of worshippers.

The church began  on the 16th of  April 2006 with Alexander Emoghene and  his wife Judith Emoghene being the first members, but now Claypot Church International is growing to becoming a multi-generation and multi-national church. The uniqueness of several nationalities adds colour to every service, meeting and conferences.

Alexander Emoghene was born in the city of London and raised in the city of Jos Nigeria.  As a teenager his encounter with the Spirit of God in visions from the Lord is now playing a major role in his ministry and ultimately in his answering to the call of the Lord for his life. As The Lord will have it, in the year of 2000 while living in The Netherlands, Alexander was called into the minstry with the mandate to raise leaders.

 Claypot Church International  future is to expand its base to the rest of Europe. To teach the uncompromising word of God, to raise spiritual leaders able to do the work of the ministry in integrity and to impact tomorrow with the passion to see the kingdom of God established on the earth.

pastor_alexander Three words that sums up this mandate:

  • Purpose – Living a life of total empowerment
  • Destiny – Living a life of total fulfillment
  • Success – Living a life of total victory

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