month of AugustLuke 2:10…And the angel said unto them, Fe
ar not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

There is a four-fold grace that has been released this month of August, of which will empower the church of God to receive the good news program especially for God children this month.

1. Fear not.
The level of fear around the world is on the increase. This fear is a spirit that if allowed to creep in the heart of people, has the power to contaminate faith for the supernatural. The good news is the ability to walk over every fear and to act on all your goals, plans, vision, and dreams without the fear of failure, unfulfillment or disaster.

2. …for behold.
behold means “to see” “to grasp” “to comprehend”…both your inner and outer eyes will be empowered to see beyond your usual scope of influence. Pray for spiritual eyes, which possesses the strength to pierce even the thick darkness. The Lord say He will give you the treasure of dark. Where confusion will harass people something about will be so strong and focus. This spiritual sight will move you from good to great.

3…I will bring you good news
this is not just a promise it is a fact, get ready for a supernatural encounter: These encounters will release supernatural manifestation of all kinds of the miracle, signs, and wonders. This time of good news carry inside it answers to prayers offered long ago; God is a prayer answering God. Good news will be the order of August.

4…great Joy
God is a prayer answering God. Get ready; it is the turn of anyone you can place a demand on the anointing of this season and time. The anointing is the power of God and the power which releases the righteous power of God. Anyone can make that demand. So go on and make your demand; the good news that you desire is right where you are!!!

The month of August is the month of good news. receive the blessings of this month