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Parenting a full-time ministry

Just wondering how many parents appreciate the fact that they have obtained a full-time ministry at childbirth. This is a great spiritual privilege and one that parents must grasp on time; a lack of this knowledge can result in all kinds of spiritual and physical problems.

Proverb 22:6…Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart

Notice the phrase  “train up”; it to dictate is a way to transfer valuable information for the purpose of learning and growth.e It is the same word that describes the relationship between a teacher and a student.

Law students, for example, needs to sit under the tutelage of law professor if they need to become a lawyer. In the same vein, the home is an institution established by God (Genesis 2:21-25). In the home, children ought to spiritual principles such as love, sharing, cleanliness, leadership, honour, integrity, faithfulness and many more.

Inaugurating is another verb that comes to mind when we are deal with training up a child. Parenting as it were, assigns to both parents to inaugurated children into their God-given purpose.This will involve a selfless prayer life and good discernment to discover the child hidden potentials.

Notice God points at the later life of the child as a direct result of the ministry of the parent when God uses the phrase “and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” The effects of  the parenting ministry are one that carries with it a long lasting spiritual consequence whether good or bad,

Spiritual parents (which the relationship of the Pastor and the church of God)  have the same responsibility as do biological parent. Both ministries mirror each other, just the same way ministers will be held accountable for the outcome of the member the same way this parent will be held accountable for their upbringing.

That is why a strong and a healthy relationship with God is crucial. One cannot accomplish such great ministry in the flesh. With all the fight for the souls of children in the street, schools, through peer pressure, print, new and social media, we need God at the centre of it all. We are not driving by fear, however, we want to be wise and alert and to be able ministers of the gospel, we need a strong commitment and a winners spirit to raise a winning generation.

God Blessings is upon you from now as go  a be all what God has destine your family to become

2 Corinthians 3:6

Alexander Emoghene

In Claypot Church we create an atmosphere where the children are also brought to experience the worship service together with their parents in the main sanctuary.

There on they will move onto Sunday School. The leaders will then lead the children in an opening prayer before they are given lunch. The prayer can also sometimes be led by one of the children, this in-turn teaches the children how to lead in prayer. The aim for the sunday school is add to your childs bible knowledge. We use all manner of creative exercises that are fun yet challenging to shape the leaders in our children.
After lunch the leaders will explain, to the children, what lessons and/or activities that will be taking place. The children will be divided into different age groups, and lessons and activities will commence. Activities will be based on biblical principles that they can apply in their daily lives.
These activities or lessons will normally take up to an hour, depending on the age bracket. Usually these session will end simultaneously with the main service.



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