1913920_10208831169204901_6720235547767787745_nIt was the 2 of January 2016 just after all the festivities. My mother invited family to come over for dinner with us. While we were playing around and enjoying fun stuff, I notice my mom had pain in her stomach.

This pain continued throughout until evening hours, and she decided to retire to her bedroom. Later on, in the same evening, as passed by my mom’s room which was on my way to the restroom, I saw her all bent up I fetus position and the pain had truly escalated.

When she saw me she called on me and said “Irengelo please come and pray for mummy. So I laid my hand on her stomach as we started to praying. I said the pain must leave because her body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and pain cannot stay here”.  When I finished praying, she received it and she said, “it is done”. Later on, that day she came to me and told me that God healed her thanks to my prayers. She was so thankful and because she was planning to tell our guest that she won’t be able to eat with us because of the pain. But Jesus took the pain away and we ate together and had a wonderful time thanks to Jesus.

Irengelo Stamper (8) Rotterdam
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