Sister Mavis Testimony image5yrs Back pain healed English

For the past 5 years I’ve had an awful pain in my lower back and because of the prolonged pain, an operation was scheduled. During a Sunday service, there was a word of Knowledge concerning back pains which came through the Pastor who then ask everybody who has back pain to stand to receive their healing. That was my moment, because some days before I couldn’t go out of the house because of pain but I kept on praying and saying God heal me.

According to the Word, I stood up to claim my blessings, at that moment the pain got even worse and It felt as though my back was completely on fire and I fell to the ground and some of the sisters came and as they came and prayed for me. After which I sat up and the burning sensation got less. When the burning sensation was gone so was my pain. I thank God for my healing. All the glory to the Almighty God.


Marvis Vilchez  Rotterdam


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