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In the month of December, I travelled to Nigeria with my family (My husband, my four children). Everything was going fine at the onset of our stay but as the days went by things started to change for the worse. On a certain day, we planned a trip by road to travel to another city. Along the journeyed our car was stopped and attacked by armed robbers. They took all our jewelry, clothes, cell phones, everything of value that we had.

In Nigeria when the robbers attack innocent victims, more often than not it will end up fatal or they often inflict victims with serious injuries, because they don’t want people to go and report them to the authorities.

To God be the glory we came out of the ordeal without any loss of lives and none of my children were touched or hurt and God truly rescued our lives from the hand of the enemy, because as fast as they came that is the same way they went and by the grace of God we are all back in the Netherlands alive, strong and in complete health spirit, soul and body. So I am very blessed to give this testimony and thank God for his grace and mercy.


Betty N. Osazuwa (41) Rotterdam
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