1. Refuse the notion that some are made winner and other aren’t. if one believe the previous, it can cause one to develop a spirit of cowardice and eventually give up on their dreams. 1 Timothy 1:7

2. Refuse the path of least resistance. Knowing that success is like swimming upstream and swimming against the tide.  It is not a common practice in general people love to take the road of least resistance. So it will not always be easy but it is possible. Jeremiah 29:11

3. Resist the temptation to follow the crowd. Usually, crowds are not always right. Successful people hardly follow the crowd. Eagle have for centuries been depicted as one of the great symbols of success and one of the disciplines of the eagle is its ability to fly alone as required for success. Get rid of the herd’s mentality because it turns men to mediocre. Isaiah 40:31

4. Renew your thinking. Most have been raised with a mindset of poverty, lack, sickness, confusion and all other attitudinal issues resulting in underachievement. Think about mind investment, read a book a week at least, to feed you mind excellently, so you do not starve those great ideas to death. To excel you need a sound mind, a transformed mind: A mindset on the original intent of God, which is winning 3 John 2

5. Resolve in your spirit to be the best and to make a difference. You need to understand that being persistent on this idea of winning in life you will attract opposing factions, even from well-meaning individuals who may think you are unreasonable in your pursuits. The will be days you may want to cut corners, take the middle of the road or reduce your quality but resist and go for excellence

6. Remind yourself daily. The reason for your pursuit; making your number one reason to be; pleasing God your creator. It  pleases God for his children to prosper and to become a positive influence to other for His kingdom. So feel great to manifestation all your God-given gifts. Genesis 12:2

7. Repeat good result. On daily bases try to take a record of all that went right and repeat the action the next day and the next and the next until it becomes behaviors. It is very hard to unlearn bad habits so changing results deserve a celebration.

8. Run with vigor: Mediocre and procrastinator will not stand at the finish lines. Time is of the essence. If you must achieve something why not here and now. Paul says I Run the race…

9. Relate well. Ultimately you are your best marketer. You are your best business card. One thing that I have learned over the years is that people are always watching. They may not criticize or compliment you but they are watching you. You must be aware that you must be at your best at all time. Having in mind that you need people as you can not succeed alone.

10. Rest. Yes, resting is not in sleeping 12 hours but resting is working with no stress. listen to your body. Feed on time and when you do,food on the right and healthy stuff. Your body is all you have got. Individual will take better car of their that replaceable and not their irreplaceable bodies. Ultimately put all your confident that at the end of the day it is Lord grace that will do it for you.

You are blessed and highly favored!!!

Alexander Emoghene